Reset AOL mail password

Forgetting your login password is common nowadays. Like, who doesn’t forget their password once in their life. Most of the people have minimum of 5 online accounts. And as per the expert’s suggestions, you do not want to choose the same password for all the accounts. And when you have a 5 different passwords, it’s common to forget the password for at least one of the accounts.

But, unlike past days, resetting the password is pretty easy and can be done in a few easy steps. But for this, you’ll need to register your mobile number on your AOL account. If you haven’t registered a mobile number on your account, you cannot reset the password. And in this case, you need to contact the official support team for assistance.

Reset AOL Mail Password

Resetting the password is an easy task. Until and unless you have your mobile number registered. And the number you registered is still working. Things become worse when you have registered a number on your account but you switch to the new number and forgot to update the number on your AOL Mail Account. And in this situation, you need to contact the support team for the assistance. But if you do have a number and access, here are the simple steps to follow.

  • First of all, go to the AOL mail Login page. i.e.
  • Here, enter your username or your email address and click on next.
  • And on the password section, click on the link that says ”Forgot password
  • Now, you need to verify your identity. So, here, you need to click on the “Yes, send me the code”. What this does is, AOL Team will send the verification code on your registered mobile number for verification. And as you get the code, enter it and click on “Verify”.
  • Finally, you can choose your new password. Here, you need to choose and enter your new password. And again enter it for the confirmation.
  • If you’re confused, click on the “Show password” to reveal your typed password.

What if I didn’t receive the verification code?

There might be some possibility that you may not receive the code. And this may be because you’re in the out of network zone or some other technical difficulties. So, in this situation, you need to wait for 60 seconds and click on “resend the verification code” link. What this does it, it will resend the code again on your mobile number.

But if you’re still not receiving the code, then there might be some problem with your mobile network on your area or the number is not correct. So, in this condition, click on the “Other verification method” and try to verify it via another method.

What if I Forgot the username instead?

If you forgot your username or your email address, go to the login page of AOL and click on “Forgot Username”.

Now enter either your recovery email address or your mobile number on the concerned field and click on Next.

The verification code will be sent to either of the devices. And once you get the code, verify it. Finally, you’ll get the mail with your email address in it.

Here’s the link to full detailed guide.

So, these are the steps to follow to reset your AOL Mail password and username as well. If you still find it difficult and can not replicate the process, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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