Recover AOL Mail Username

There are lots and lots of guide on how to reset your forgotten password. But there are only few guides on how to recover your forgotten username or email address.

Forgetting the password is a common thing as you can not write it down on any paper or can not tell it to anyone because of the account security reasons. But in the case of your email address ot your AOL username, you can note it down and even mention it to other users so that they can mail you the important files and documents.

But still, there are many reasons to forget the email address and not using this email more often is one of them.

Recover Forgotten AOL username

Most of the users sign up for the AOL Mail and does not use it frequently. This may lead to forgetting your username. So, in this situation, all you need to do is,

  • Now, enter either your registered mobile number OR recovery phone number or your recovery email address.
  • Enter any one of these and click on Continue.
  • Now, you’ll be sent the verification code on your email address or on your mobile number, which ever information you provided.
  • Finally, as the verification is complete, you’ll be redirected to the page where you can recover your email address or your AOL Mail Username.

Things to remember,

If you created an AOL mail account many years ago and haven’t used it since, make sure you paired your recovery email address or your mobile phone for the verification process. Because, few years back, you do not need to enter your mobile number or your alternative email address to sign up for the account. So, in this situation, you cannot recover your forgotten mail username and you’ll need to contact the official support team for the help.

Moreover, if you haven’t opened your account since many years, your account might probably been deleted or dissolved due to lack of activity.

So, these are the steps you need to follow to recover your email address or your username. But if you still have some problem recovering it, ask your queries in the comment section below. We’d be more than happy to help you out.


AOL Mail Login Screen

Here, we’ll be talking about the AOL Mail Login Screen and all the links and process that starts with this page.

Most of the AOL users are much familiar with this page as all the essential things start from this page. Like, if you need to create an account on AOL, this is the page you need to visit first. Also, if you need to login to your AOL mail, this is the page you need to access at the first hand.

Other main services such as changing your sign in password or username can be done via this page.

So, what is the AOL Mail Login Screen? This screen is the one that you land as you type in the official website of AOL mail, i.e. DO not confuse this page with the main official website of AOL i.e.

As you type in the official website of AOL, you’ll be landed on the homepage of AOL. This page consist of all the latest news around the world and most probably it’ll be well categorized. Also, you can find the weather forecast, trending news and other things that is basically the essential thing to start of your day with. So, the main point that I’m trying to explain here is, do not confuse the main AOL website with the AOL Mail website.

Infact, both of the page are same. But if you wish to access your mail, you need to land on the AOL Mail Sign in page, and you can get that by typing in the So, make sure you enter the right URL.

And as I’ve already explained earlier, you can sign in to your account in a few easy steps via this page.

All you need to do is, go to this page, and enter your username or your AOL email address and click on next.

And if you wish to sign in automatically in the future, check the “Stay Sign in” option as well.

And as you’re done, click on next and enter your login password. And finally, click on “Login” button to access your Email.

SO, this is all about the AOl mail Login Screen. If you still have some problems regarding this page, feel free to contact us.


AOL Mail Two step verification

AOL Mail two step verification is the best way to keep your AOL mail account safe and secure. And if you do not know what two-step verification means, it is basically the extra layer of security that requires you to enter the verification code each and every time you try to login to your AOL account.

In other words, you need to enter your email address, your password and as well as the one time verification code that is send each and every time you try to login.

And as I’ve already told earlier, this is the best way to secure your account from being hacked. But however, everything comes with pros and cons as well. The pros of the two step verification is

  • Once enabled, your account will be super safe and other people can not access your account by any means.
  • Even though some people have your password, they can not login to your account as they’ll need your mobile number too.


  • As this step require your mobile number, if you do not have the mobile with you or you lost your phone, you can not login to your account.
  • Also, if you’re on a hike with your friends on no mobile signal zone, you won’t receive your verification code and hence, you won’t be allowed to login to your account.
  • So, if you’re the guy who always forgets to carry your mobile phone with you, this two step verification is not for you.

So that being said, let us discuss the steps to activate the two-step verification on AOL mail.

Activate AOL mail two step verification

  • First of all, login to AOL mail account.
  • Now, click on the “options” from the top right corner of the page.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on “Account Info”.
  • Now, from this page, select “Account Setting” from the left-hand sidebar menu.
  • Now, you’ll be landed on the settings page. Here, under the two-step verification section, turn on the toggle bar by clicking on it. The bar turns blue when turned on.
  • Now, you need to enter your mobile number. Make sure you provide the active number that you always carry with you.
  • Now, you’ll be sent a verification code on the number you provided; for the verification process.
  • Enter that code and activate the two-step verification process.

What if I didn’t receive the verification code?

Click on the “Resend SMS” button to send it again. Also, you can choose to send SMS or call while activating the 2 step verification process. And it is always recommended to go for SMS mode as you may find it difficult in listening to a bot voice over a phone call.

What if you use the AOl mail in third party app?

If you’re using the Outlook app or yahoo app or any other third party app to access your AOL mail account, you need to generate the app password first. As this third party app cannot send the verification code on your registered mobile devices. Therefore, click on the “Generate app password” from the same page and choose the app you’re using to access the app. And finally choose the password.

Simple as that.

So, these are the steps involved in activating the two steps verification process. This process has its own benefits and as well as some flaws. However, use it on your own concern but it is highly recommended to use it for the account security purpose.

Anyways, if you’re still facing some difficulty activating this process, or you’re stuck in some points, feel free to contact us via the comment section.


Change AOL Mail password

Changing your password frequently is a healthy habit. In fact, most of the webmail websites recommended its users to change the login password every 90 days.


As you see, when you login to your account via non private devices like your friend’s mobile, college library computer etc., you might have forgotten to log out of your account. So, as you change your password, your logged in devices will all be logged out. Which means, your account is safe and sound.

And also, you shall not wait for 90 days to change your password. You need to change it every time you doubt someone has your password. If you’re trying to login to your account and you think your friend or anyone nearby saw your password, change it immediately.

Change AOL Mail Login Password

To change the password, you need to login to your account first. And once you’re logged in, go to the account settings page and click on click on change password. And finally, choose your new password.

Still confused? No worries, here’s the detailed explanation step by step:

  • Firstly, login to your AOl mail account. Most of the users confuse this with resetting the AOL mail password and mess up the process. Therefore, you need to login to your account first.
  • Now, on the AOL Mail Homepage, click on your profile pic from the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now, click on “Account Info“.
  • Now click on the Account Settings and later click on Change Password. Now you might need to verify your identity for the account security purpose. Therefore, enter your registered mobile number and wait for the code.
  • Now enter the code and change your password.

So, these are the steps involved in changing your password. And as talked earlier, if you’re looking to reset your password, here’s the link instead.

The process is super easy and can be done in a few steps. If you know your login credentials, you can easily change your login password. Nowadays, there are many websites that claim to be the official customer support of AOL mail. And if you land on that page and ask for help, they’ll charge you some fee. Whereas changing the password is a free service.

So, these are the process you need to follow to change your password in AOL mail. But if you’re still facing the problem of the steps explained above are not as shown on your end feel free to ask us in the comment section below.